Learning Adventures @ Kingswood

Dedicated to fostering educational development, building self-esteem and sparking imagination in a safe and loving environment

Learning Adventures @ Kingswood is an inclusive style family owned/operated Early Childhood Education service.

We believe that children are better prepared for learning when they are in a happy, safe and supportive environment. We recognise that all children are unique and encourage them to grow into confident and well balanced individuals.

At Learning Adventures @ Kingswood, we aim to provide children with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of daily experiences to motivate them as learners in a safe and stimulating environment whilst ensuring that children experience a strong sense of security and belonging.

Our high quality educational program is designed to ensure learning is holistic in nature providing opportunities to challenge children’s problem solving ability, risk taking, inquiry, and creativity, emotional, physical and academic development. Our curriculum follows methodologies set by the Early Years Learning Framework produced by the Australian government in 2009. We also understand the importance of play. Our program promotes participation and motivation as a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

We pride ourselves on providing a very practical and effective transition to school program that is based on all NSW school’s key learning areas, The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards.

We also implement the Early Learning Language Program (ELLA).

ELLA is a program that has been successfully implemented into many participating preschools/Childcare centres across Australia. ELLA introduces children to learning anew language via interactive ipads and our smart board.

The ELLA program aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our readiness program allows children the opportunity to write and draw and develop an understanding of literacy. Our teaching goes beyond exposing children to the ABC’s, We use PM readers to introduce children to text and teach them to understand that words convey meaning as well as understanding book orientation.

Our numeracy programs offer tactile experiences to help children learn about numbers as well as opportunities to engage in learning a range of math and science concepts to allow children the best possible start to Primary school.

The children use workbooks to allow them to obtain a wonderful collection of their learning throughout the year before school. It is here that the children’s learning tells their story as the year progresses. The children engage in opportunities to learn to recognize and write their name as well as use scissors to cut and glue sticks to independently paste their work into their books. Technology plays a strong part in children’s learning as we use a large interactive Smart board to engage the children in a wide range of hands on and group learning activities through the programs that we use. These programs are used in NSW Primary schools.

Our focus is for the children to gain social skills and become confident learners learners whilst developing an overall readiness for school.

At Learning Adventures @ Kingswood we believe that children’s overall development is enriched through family relationships and a strong connection between home and the centre. We value partnerships with families and throughout the year we will provide opportunities for families to become involved and partake in decision making. We also encourage community participation in our centre and will arrange visits from the local community such as Fire brigade, Police, Vets, Doctors and Dentists. We also enjoy incursions throughout the year such as Kindifarm, Hatching eggs, The Reptile man and a diverse range of musical programs along with other events throughout the year.


At Learning Adventures @ Kingswood, we provide extra curricular activities for the children in each group at NO extra cost to families.

We include dance programs, music programs and health/fitness programs on a weekly basis.

Experienced teachers


Unique environment


Reliable care

Happy mother with her children gardening. 



Nurturing atmosphere


We want every child to enjoy their time with us and of course you too! We would love to meet you!