Learning Adventures @ Kingswood


Is there an enrolment fee – No, we do not charge an enrolment fee.

Is there a bond – A $100 bond per child is charged. Refundable upon ceasing enrolment.

Can I book my child for an extra day/casual day – yes, if we have the capacity.

Can I call the Centre throughout the day to check on my child – Yes, you can call as often as you like throughout the day to see how your child is doing. Our educators are passionate about maintaining strong communication with families, particularly as new children settle in to care.

What would I need to pack for my child daily – A school bag or backpack with spare clothes, child’s comforter and dummy/bottle/formula if required.

What if my child does not like the food on the menu – We will always offer what is on the menu first but will offer an alternate such as a sandwich if a child will not eat a particular meal.

What if my child is unwell – We refer to our reference – ‘Staying healthy in Childcare’ as a guide to infectious diseases and prevention, recommended exclusion periods and best practises in relation to health and hygiene. Our service has strict policies, procedures and guidelines in place so as to best prevent illness and disease though should an incident occur and a child is not well, families will be notified and depending on illness, will be asked to pick up their child and exclude as recommended.

How will I know if my child is ready for school – We conduct assessments and personal meetings with families throughout the year to discuss each child’s progress. We also arrange Information nights that include attendance of teachers from local schools and give families hand outs/fact sheets with much required information about ‘being ready for school’. We also encourage children to attend their local school’s orientation days. We liaise closely with local schools.

How can I be involved in my child’s day at the Centre – We send emails to families keeping them posted about Centre events and celebrations as well as send invites for various occasions throughout the year that we love having the pleasure of our families included for. We also encourage families to join us where possible to share a talent with the children or simply come in and read a story. Children just love seeing their families participate in our routine. There are many opportunities for families to visit throughout the year and be involved.

How is my child’s learning documented and shared with families – Educators will document children’s learning and progress using a number of approaches including:

  • An online assessment tool consisting of each child’s individual profile accessible at any time to families to view children’s fortnightly observations, assessments, work samples, celebrations and special events
  • Daily Curriculum/Program
  • Centre displays including work samples and photographs
  • Daily evaluation document including photos and written information as the day progresses
  • Creative arts folders used to store children’s work after being displayed in the centre
  • Weekly reflections and newsletters emailed to families
  • Assessments of Learning based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (completed in June and September)
  • Family/Carer and Educator individual/private meetings (June and October)
  • Information nights based on a range of topics of interest to families
  • Transition to School information nights (two each year)